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All the questions
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Do I need to be fit or flexible or have been before?

Absolutely not.

What do I bring?

Yourself, your sense of holiday and your joy. But you will also need a beach towel to put under your mat. Don’t panic if you don’t have one, we have plenty.

When to arrive?

Arrive at the location about 15-20 minutes before, to check in. It’s a simple process… but will take a few moments more if you didn’t already book online. We also want to have a chance to say a big warm hi to you and yours and make sure that you’re feeling happy, relaxed and ready to ENJOY the bit of holiday that you’re going to share with our team. And… know how privileged we feel that you’ve chosen to do that!


What happens during our time together?

Whatever (well within some pretty loose guidelines) you’d like. Our leader will guide you through an hour of deliciousness in the form of some really lovely gentle movements. If you find any of the movements tricky (we get our rights and left, not to mention our hands and feet, mixed up all the time), call out and we'll help you find the alternative that is right for you.. If today feels like a ‘just lie down and enjoy the moment’ day, then do that. If it feels like a ‘I need some more’ day, just click and our team will come and show you how to move in a way that is a little stronger. See our session descriptions for a more detailed explanation of what our morning and afternoon sessions might look like.


Noone likes too many surprises, so take the opportunity to have a quick read.

I get really nervous about new things, how can you make me feel more relaxed about Enjoy The Movement?

Message our team and we can talk you through everything. We can give you a go to person and their headshot, to look for when you arrive and they will make sure everything is just right for you to Enjoy The Movement.

What if I find it hard to get up and down from the ground?

 We’ve got you covered. Let us know when you book and arrive and we’ll make sure you’ve got one of our unobtrusive chairs ready nearby.

Who do I look for when I arrive?

Walk straight up and say hi to one of our team… they’re going to greet you with a big smile and make you feel you’re in the exact right place you’re supposed to be at that moment. The team will be wearing some of our colours and there will be some flags around, that will be making them seem like they might have something official to do with Enjoy The Movement.

What do I wear?

Come as you are! High heels or work boots might make it a bit more challenging for you, but hey... it’s not up to us to judge. You can wear leggings, shorts, swimwear (that won’t leave you too exposed or vulnerable), comfy trackies, wide leg pants, t-shirts, work uniform, Kmart discount rack couture, Lululemon…. Anything as long as it’s you and you’re comfortable.

What happens before and after our time together?

When you’ve checked in, take a look around and find your little spot that is going to provide you with your perfect comfort zone. Are you a ‘Front row’ kind of person, or a ‘back corner and don’t eyeball me’ person? Only you can make that decision. Pop your towel down first then put a mat (yours or ours) on top of the towel. Then choose to fall into deepest holiday relaxation (any of these are okay with us: foetal position, full day spa relaxation pose, on your back snoring, eyes closed and striking a pretty instagrammable yoga meditation pose) or be as social as you’re feeling. This might be saying hi to others in the group and sharing details with your new bestie you’ve spied across the sea of mats, or it might be making eye contact and giving a shy nod. Find your comfort zone and we’ll meet you there.

Is it yoga?

Kind of but it's a real mix… plenty of gentle yoga-like stretches, but without the need to be even a tiny bit flexible. Although, we hope to provide a moment that might lead you to holiday enlightenment, we’ll feel like we’ve kicked goals if you can simply relax and enjoy.

Can my kids join in?

Yes! We encourage families, but hope you’ll ensure the kids will respect the activity and the people around them. We will sometimes have an activity set up for the kids just in case they want to enjoy something other than the movement. And we ask you to please book the kids in as well.

Is there parking?

Each of our locations has parking close by.

Where will I be?

The details for each magnificent location can be found on our locations page.

Where can I get a coffee?

Forster Tuncurry is the bomb when it comes to coffee. Our team love nothing better than spending time … time enjoying, time moving, time relaxing, time being, time sharing, time laughing, time hugging, and time drinking good coffee. After class our team members will point you in the right direction.

Can we book you for private and corporate events?

You definitely can! Simply get in contact... we'll do our best to meet your needs.

How can I let everyone know how much we did Enjoy The Movement?

Head here ? to this page and share the love by leaving us a great review. If one of our team made you enjoy your time just that little bit more, please make mention of them by name. Who doesn’t love a warm pat on the back while being showered in glimmers?

What is a glimmer?

They’re tiny micro-moments of joy that allow us to feel calm and give us a sense of inner peace, as defined by Deb Dana.

What can I expect from my first class?

Jump onto our session description page to see what you’re about to enjoy. Each session will be slightly different, but we want you to know that we’re not about the big surprises here.

How many people will be there as a group?

We can’t answer that, but no matter the size of the group, you are important to us and will be given every opportunity to enjoy the movement in your own way. Numbers are different from session to session.

I booked a class, but I can’t come anymore, can my friend attend with my pass instead?

Yes. Message our team and we’ll sort it out.

How long do class passes last?

Jump onto our pricing and package page for some clear guidelines around usage and expiry dates. We want you to enjoy the movement every time you visit Foster Tuncurry, so we will do our best to help in every way.

What do we do if it’s raining?

Check the social pages, website and bookings page 30 minutes before start time. Sometimes we will relocate so we can Enjoy The Movement indoors, sometimes we will need to cancel. If we have to cancel, reach out and we’ll sort out a refund or credit.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Sure can! Send us a message and we’ll help to organise them. 

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