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Try Aikido Outdoors, a calm and friendly martial art that brings people together. It's known as the way of harmony because it helps us connect with others and nature, learning from the natural patterns in the world. Each technique helps you smoothly find balance and peace inside yourself. This practice is more than just physical; it builds your inner strength, confidence, and a calm focus. Practising Aikido helps you become resilient, find your inner balance, and live with harmony. As you move in the open air, you'll feel deeply connected to the outdoors, which is good for your body, your mind, and the settling of emotions. With Aikido, the breath is the power. Aikido Outdoors encourages you to look after every part of yourself and solve problems peacefully, leading to a life that's sustainable and peaceful. It is perfect for anyone aged 5 to 75 years. We offer sessions throughout the year. Contact us for the next starting date.

To book, contact us on 0466 361 922 or

Meditation Forster and Tuncurry

From a soothing sound bath to the perfect accompanying essential oils - we often have special guests join us with treats that can help us to not only Enjoy The Movement, but to Enjoy Every Moment.

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Gentle Yoga sessions with Enjoy The Movement will help you to find balance in your day. 


It will look a bit like this: Settle in by sitting or lying down - get comfy and wrap yourself up in one of our snuggly blankets.

Seated stretches will make you a little longer and leaner, but keep your body calm and relaxed. A few standing movements put together to greet the rising sun or moon and absorb the light they shine upon us.

Balance your body back into centre. Stretch your limbs and tight spots, preparing you to ENJOY a gooey stretchy feeling as you slow down and get rid of any tension, preparing for a delicious rest under the open sky. Wrap yourself back up in a snuggly blanket, lie back and say ‘Aaaaahhhhh’. You can call it a Nanna Nap if you must, and no one will look sideways if you snore.

Consider what you’ve just achieved, how good it feels and when you can join us again.


Check our social pages for times and locations or reach out on 0466 361 922 or

Balance Yoga Tuncurry
Family friendly yoga tuncurry
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