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Enjoy Aikido Outdoors

Try Aikido Outdoors, a calm and friendly martial art that brings people together. It's known as the way of harmony, because it helps us connect with others and nature, learning from the natural patterns in the world. Each technique helps you smoothly find balance and peace inside yourself. This practice is more than just physical; it builds your inner strength, confidence, and a calm focus. balance and helps you become resilient, find your inner balance, and live with harmony. As you move in the open air, you'll feel deeply connected to the outdoors, which is good for your body, your mind, and the settling of emotions. With Aikido, the breath is the power. Aikido Outdoors encourages you to look after every part of yourself and solve problems peacefully, leading to a life that's sustainable and peaceful.


ENJOY the peaceful martial art : AIKIDO.

ENJOY with family and friends... all ages 5-75 years are welcome.


Sunday 2pm One Mile Beach near Surf Club (1 hour).

May 5 - June 2

Join us for a 5 week Beginners' Program with Emma Barton.


5-12yrs: free (under adult supervision)

13-18yrs : 5 weeks $50 (Active Kids Vouchers available)

Concession: 5 weeks $50

Adult: 5 weeks $90 (or $20 per week)


gentle✨non-competitive✨martial art✨


graceful✨movement✨balance✨nurturing ✨inner strength✨



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